Thursday, 8 October 2009

Observational Autopsy

This week has been an introduction to visualisation; which obviously covers observational drawing and fashion illustration. The first day, we had to draw skeletons ALL DAY - with experimentation, of course. Each drawing was done in 1 to 5 minutes; some using the normal hand (right) and some used the wrong hand (left - which gave me quite a surprise when I saw the result); we used white and coloured paper; and a variety of media (pencils, charcoal, drawing pen, coloured pencils, etc)

Meet Fred.

This particular guy on the left, I drew him with my left hand :)

Experimentation using 2 media (graphite pencil & coloured pencil)

More things to come

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

An Additional Concept of Home

Hi there,

It's kinda late now, sekitar jam 2 pagi; dan gak tau kenapa, gue sama sekali gak ngantuk. I have no particular intention by posting this entry, just want to show you the workspace that I'll be working at for this one year :) (well, plus the library, but I'd rather work on my sketchbook alone like any other introverted people :p)

It's small, I know... It wouldn't fit an A3 sketchbook with all the knick-knacks that I'll be using. But, I'd have to adjust myself to it (the table in the kitchen is actually A LOT bigger but,'s a KITCHEN)

Friday, 2 October 2009

The Comeback...

Akhirnya, nama "ManekinTua" ada artinya juga.
What is it, you may ask?
Let me get you up to speed.

Four months ago, I finally graduated with an IB Diploma; with a total score of 35 out of 45 (not so great when you put it this way, but all I know is when I first saw this the world just got better :D)

After that defining moment, I spent the 3 months of unemployment by producing this semi-documentary year book video with a friend of mine; lots of fun.... and stress.

Cut-to: 09/09/09
This was the day when I was overwhelmed by different sorts of emotions - and they were mostly contradictory. On one hand I was excited, on the other hand, I was scared; and sad, but happy at the same time (nah lo, bingung kan?)
It was the date of my flight to UK; and basically left Jakarta for 4 years or so (holidays don't count)

Back to the first sentence:
"Akhirnya, nama "ManekinTua" ada artinya juga."

I said this because I finally got to write about things that are actually related to fashion; well at least, about my study of fashion. So, for the next 4 years, hopefully I'll be able to pour in my thoughts into this virtual world and enjoy them to myself - or if anybody wants to read them as well, I wouldn't mind at all :p

See you in a bit!