Friday, 26 March 2010


I'm thankful for the clear sky today, I can watch the clouds moving slowly and it calms me down.
Thank you

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Role Model

The great artist whom I truly miss

Ratmini Soedjatmoko

see you in 3 months Eyang Mini

Thursday, 18 March 2010


About a month ago we were given new briefs to work on, and I found this one really interesting because it involves recreating secondhand garments which was randomly picked out for us. A got a pair of trousers, a bath robe, and a pillow case

...lucky, huh?

With using all these rags, we have to come up with our own interpretation of HAPPINESS; so I went for festivals, particularly tribal festivals and finally correlating it with nature.

So, after about 2 weeks of hard work and tired eyes after
all hand-stitching and top-stitching, making new seams, unpicking the existing stitching, and all sorts to create a garment out of those abandoned fabrics... I succeeded to create this look.

Yes, the dress was originally the pair of trousers.
Yes, the capelet was made from petals that I made from the bathrobe and the pillowcases.

I really got tired of looking at my dress for 2 full weeks and decided that I hated it. But, at the end, it really looked like how I wanted it to look :)

Today was the 'judgement day'. People from Ideal Home Exhibition in London came to choose some of our garments and bring them along to be shown on their catwalk show. My dress didn't get to be one of them... BUT our first "client" - Mind Charity Shop who is opening a new store down in Brighton came to me and said that they would use my dress - and some others - to be exhibited during the launching of their new store, AND they are doing a photo shoot for it as well. YAY

Unfortunately this project is not entirely finished yet. I'd still have to work on the sketchbook, presentation, costumer profile, research report (of other charity shops), and technical file with all samples that I did before I started working on the dress. Wish me luck!