Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I had a great combination last summer. One of the best, I should say. The 4F: Family, Friends, Food, and Fashion :)
I managed to get an internship at Carmanita studio, and learned some of the best things I've learnt so far. It was a great feeling to be part of the fashion industry in Indonesia, even if just for 5 weeks. But still, being an intern at a fashion workshop which mostly focusing on fabrics made me appreciate it even more. I definitely learnt a lot about fabric finishings; from attaching tiny beads onto silk scarves, different tie-dye preparations, draping, and the highlight would be batik.

"Batik is not the motif, it's the technique"

That is a quote from Carmanita herself to me, and I completely agree. I saw it as a reminder for everyone about what batik really is. Since it has been a trend in Indonesia for a few years now but it's starting to lose its value - because the mass produced "batiks" are actually (poorly made) digital prints, but people still refer them as batik which disappoints me a lot.

It is such a modest atmosphere working in the studio. A simple house in a small neighbourhood in the south of Jakarta, and unfortunately in an area that gets flooded a lot (I've heard some really sad stories about it :( ) - I find it very very inspiring, because they come up with a great range of culturally rich collections that sells millions of Rupiah (hundreds of $). Being part of the working environment is like being a part of a little family full of talented and dedicated, and inspiring people, some of them have worked there for 20 years or so, and they still get along well with the younger "newcomers".

I really hope for the best for Carmanita team.

An application of what Ibu Carmanita said about batik (that it is the technique, not the motif), I created an Escher-inspired print using the traditional batik pipe (canting) on one half of the fabric, and rough stripes using flat-wide brush. Their method of free-draping have also inspired me for creating this top.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Duality Duality (line up)

Here's the line up for the whole collection:


I decided to do the illustrations digitally, since the ones for the last project were... um... let's just say I'm too embarrassed to post them here. So, something different :)

And I like them.

(and feedbacks too, please)

Duality Duality

Referring to the previous post, I'd like to emphasize that lightning does strike twice.

This happened with the latest Maison Martin Margiela's collection with my recent project.

The Shirt and Trousers project required us to choose one brand (from the given list) and then creates our designs based on the brands' design philosophy - basically we are learning how to design for a company with existing design ethos and characters. So, surprise...surprise, I chose Martin Margiela's Line 1 (the main line for their women's wear).

Working around the concept of human brain's duality - logic and deception I overcame a lot of stress and amazingly managed all-nighters. As the result, I can't say anything else but the truth that I am very proud to present you these:

Double function shirt dress that could be unzipped open and transformed into a shirt
Tailored trousers with hidden side-seams

I don't know whether I should be sad, or proud; but one thing for sure, I was just shocked with the uncanny timing for MMM's Autumn/Winter 2011 collection to come out showing

That morning, a few days before this project was due, there they were: on my Mac screen...style.com...38 outfits.

The review even said this:

"The MMM dresses seemed to be peeling off their models like old wallpaper. A red one early on was unzipped up the side to reveal a patent skirt a shade darker. "

"Maybe the Margiela team was admonishing us all to slow down or deal with the repercussions. Then again, sometimes a dress is just a dress, even if it is coming apart at the seams."

Uh, hello? Margiela? Yes, I'd like to work with you after I graduate. Yes... in Paris? Great. Brilliant. See you soon.

Saturday, 5 March 2011


...and they said lightning don't strike twice...

it did

three times

I'll show you how, very very soon.