Wednesday, 27 January 2010

"huh, the irony..."

Ok, I admit that this is just confusing!

This week, I started reading 2 books;

The Culture of Fashion by Christopher Breward - which is actually part of the "Essential Reading" list that I got as a part of my new module, and...

Dematerializing: Taming the Power of Possessions by Jane Hamm
erslough - which I just got from my Dad (I asked him to bring it along when we met up in Holland).

Just to be clear, even before I held these books in my hands, I knew that I am interested in the subjects given by both books. BUT, what I didn't rea
lise until now is that each book contradicts the other. I realised that I am now living in a materialistic world, and I wont deny it that I can be very materialistic at times :p Thus, came my interest in reading a book to 'tame the power of possessions'; starting from my own. Before finished with the first book, I moved on to the second book - which the list I've just received recently. Laid out chronologically, this book brings the readers through the history of fashion throughout the centuries - including the external factors like the socio-cultural aspects. I started with the last chapter in the book, about the late-twentieth century; the present day. This chapter talks about how quickly the concept of fashion changes, and how the so-called contemporary fashion doesn't necessarily mean 'meeting the costumers' demands and needs'; even some are simply forms of aesthetics.

Reading these two books at around the same time, made me think; am I betraying my own values here? Not only as an observant, I am actually involved in the concept of "materialism". I am studying FASHION for God's sake! Even these 3 magazi
nes are becoming my most dominant periodical resource!
Yeah, so... I'm a little lost here...


Monday, 18 January 2010

pa.per |ˈpāpər|

Remember my entry entitled Papyrus? Well that was the beginning of my Papery project, and at 2 am this morning, I finally finished my developmental sketchbook for it and handed everything in 7 hours later.

This is what we ended up with; a whole outfit made out of paper...only paper

The whole outfit was inspired by Beatrix Potter's character; Peter Rabbit.
I worked on it with my talented friend, Ms. Meagan Wellman for weeks!
Lots of frustrations surfaced on the process, but, we're happy with the result :D

Wish us luck for the presentation tomorrow!

Saturday, 9 January 2010


I'd like to thank my Mom for sending me magazines from Jakarta; because of course the content would be different to magazines in the UK.

" of them covers this year's Jakarta Fashion Week..."

That was mainly the reason why she sent them to me :)

As I was flicking through 'Femina, Edisi Tahunan 2010', I found a page that has images from a runway show. I realised that the models are wearing batik; and I thought that they must be from Jakarta Fashion Week. However, it seems that the photos are different from the images I saw from the Fashion Week the year before; starting from the make up on the models, the catwalk, even the style of photography. So I looked more closely and saw the designers' names; and it turned out that one of them is Dries Van Noten!

This Belgian designer included - not only tints of batik - but the whole fabric as the actual garments.

A blouse with big 'parang' pattern

Smaller 'parang' pattern on a dress

I was really proud when I saw this :)
But one question came to my mind,

If anything, I don't see that his designs are more special than any Indonesian designers who have been recycling batik as ready-to-wear fashion for years now; then how come they don't get that much recognition?